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Filme Lobo Guerreiro Torrent

Baixar Filme Lobo Guerreiro (2015) Torrent Dublado, com qualidade 1080p / Bluray / FullHD e no formato MKV. O título original é Wolf Warrior / Zhan Lang, um Filme Spring Era Films Co. com qualidade de som 10 e qualidade de imagem 10.

IMDb: 5.5
Filme Lobo Guerreiro Dublado Torrent 1080p / Bluray / FullHD Download

Descrição: Leng Feng is a rebellious special force soldier. During an assault mission, he disobeys an direct order, shooting three bullets through a concrete wall for a kill shot on the drug lord, hence the nickname “Cruel Three Shots”.While serving time in confinement for insubordination, Leng Feng ’s extraordinary marksmanship earns himself recruitment into China’s elite “Wolf Warrior" Squadron. By going through relentless military drills, Leng Feng slowly finds his place among his comrades. Just when everyone thinks the drill is over, the squadron is ambushed by a troop of foreign mercenaries who sworn to kill Leng Feng and avenge their drug lord’s death.

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